Create New Revenue Channels Online for
Existing Brands and Products

E-commerce sales in 2012 topped $1 trillion worldwide. While direct response television brands find it more difficult to sell to an increasingly skeptical audience, and brick-and-mortar retailers struggle to keep their doors open, online sales report skyrocketing profits year after year. Technological advancements have conditioned consumers to demand efficiency, and online shopping is the only option that enables them to save time, access more variety, avoid crowds and conveniently compare prices all at once.

Internet Advertising is not just a trend – it’s a paradigm shift. Savvy companies understand that the future of business is on the web, but most don’t know where to begin.

We’re here to help established companies claim a stake in that fortune through digital direct response marketing.

As partners to existing brands and products, we provide full-service on the digital front, allowing companies to continue concentrating on what they do best and reaping profits from their original sources. We take charge of creating an additional stream of profit by targeting the vast pool of potential customers surfing the Internet.

The key to successful digital direct response campaigns lies in strong comprehension and orchestration of multiple disciplines and resources, and we’ve spent years perfecting a well-oiled mechanism that combines the dynamism of our in-house talent and the muscle of our powerhouse networks.

If you’re looking for long lasting campaigns with professionals you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

Advertising is artistic communication. Digital Direct Response Marketing ensures that more people respond to the message.


Combine Smart, Compliant Strategy with the Beauty of Simplicity

If beauty and brains describes your ideal partner, then we are a match made in ad space heaven. Nowadays, digital marketing is a must, and though companies include it in the budget, few actually understand how it works. Such lack of comprehension leads to loss of profits.

Our goal is to make the management of an Internet revenue channel easy for you. Your digital direct response campaign will be in the care of one of our trustworthy, experienced project managers who oversees and scrutinizes the project from inception and beyond.

Our project managers and their team of specialists surgically administer web development, merchant processing, traffic sources and affiliate relations. We maintain a firm grasp of standard FTC practices and analytical metrics to keep your digital direct response campaign in robust health.



We’re pioneers of the digital direct marketing space and have been honing our skills to maintain the leading digital direct response organization. Internet advertising is our passion and we’re eager to start, run, and distinguish your online campaign.

Talent surges through our ranks and has delivered on over 30 successful campaigns. Our obsession with split testing, improvement and campaign sustainability translates to impressive results.

Command of all verticals, a decade of experience, and direct response success in multiple industries – health, beauty, education, and technology – means that your company and your brand are in good hands.

Find a Second Life for Your Company through an Online Funnel.


Brand Ingenuity is a full-service holding company dedicated to developing your entire Internet marketing funnel

Project management
Sales copy
Merchant processing
Progress and profits daily reports
Web design
Split testing and optimization
Fulfillment and inventory
In-house media marketing
Web development
Legal entity setup
Customer support and training
Campaign management
All you need to do is entrust the online campaign to our expert care. It’s just that simple.

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